Doors Open Day 2018

On 29th September 2018, at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) in Edinburgh, we took part in Doors Open Day!

IGMM building

There were a variety of activities throughout the day, from building tours to talks on current projects and posters to discovery activities for the whole family. Attendees were able to visit and learn about the location where we conduct our work for Generation Scotland.

The Generation Scotland team was involved as well! A very interesting talk was given by Shona Kerr.  She presented her talk, on population studies, in the IGMM lecture theatre. She spoke about her own studies as well as Generation Scotland and other population studies based within the IGMM. We also presented a poster, where we had a number of people come to talk to us and discuss the study! It was a fantastic day and if you couldn't make it to this event we hope you join us at our next!