How to Join: Aged 16+

Aged 16 or over and want to be part of Generation Scotland? Find out how to get involved here.

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We're looking for new volunteers to join Generation Scotland. We already have over 24,000 people from 7,000 families taking part! Now, we're ready to welcome new families and family members aged 12 and older to join. 

You can be part of Generation Scotland if you are: 

  • Aged 12 years or over
  • Live in Scotland
  • Live in England, Northern Ireland or Wales and are related to a current Generation Scotland volunteer living in Scotland

As we're a family study, we also encourage you to invite at least one family member to join. This can include any family members from your children and parents to siblings, cousins and aunties and uncles! That will help us understand how genetics and shared living can affect health and well-being.

If you're aged 16 or over you can sign up now! Taking part involves:

  • Reading the approved volunteer information (which tells you what you’ll be asked to do, and why)
  • Providing consent (agreeing to what you'll be asked to do)
  • Completing our online questionnaire (takes 15-20 mins to complete)
  • Providing a saliva sample using an at home test kit

 To join Generation Scotland, click the link below:


Feel free to take a look at our volunteer information and consent below, before you click through to our portal to join.



Want to know a little more detail about what's involved? Take a look at our diagram below. It outlines every step you'll be asked to take.

Please contact us at for a screen readable version
Please contact us at for a screen readable version