Generation Scotland Joins Wellcome Open Research Gateway

Generation Scotland recently joined the Wellcome Open Research Gateway. It provides a personalised portal for research groups involved in Wellcome Trust funded research.

Wllcome Trust Logo

We are proud to be involved with the Wellcome Trust's open research gateway. It allows us to showcase research we have been involved with and has been published on Wellcome Open Research (WOR).  We will join other successful gateways on WOR , such as the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Childern (ALSPAC), KEMRI and The Francis Crick Institute.

Wellcome Open Research was established in 2016 and provides Wellcome funded researchers with a fast and transparent publishing venue where a range of different article types can be published. This allows researchers credit for the whole range of different outputs they are producing.

To date, GS has been involved with seven studies, which have been published on WOR, and we hope this will continue. The GS articles published so far have been really well received and highlight all the different aspects of our biobank.

If you would like to see more, you can access the gateway below:

WOR Gateway