Generation Scotland set to expand thanks to new funding

Thanks to major new funding from the Wellcome Trust our team has expanded and will soon be looking for more volunteers

24,000 people are already members of Generation Scotland. We’ve already completed approved over 400 studies and supported almost 300 publications. However, it’s been a long wait since Generation Scotland’s last call for volunteers in 2011.

Generation Scotland have just received a major new award from the Wellcome Trust, the UK’s largest funder of medical research. Against stiff competition, they awarded us £5 million to open up the study to new volunteers, starting next year. 

The Wellcome Trust are proud to support the expansion of Generation Scotland. Generation Scotland is at the forefront of developing methods to linking various data and records of participants to allow more cost-effective data collection on large numbers. This will enable the cohort to double in size from 20,000 to 40,000 participants.

Doctor Mary de Silva
Head of Population Health, Wellcome Trust

We’ve learned a lot about how health is affected by where we live, what we do, our habits and our family histories.

We’re noticing important differences from one generation to another, so now we’re keen to enrol younger family members, aged 12 and upwards. This will help us look after the younger generation’s future, as well as their parents and grandparents. 

If you, your family or your friends are interested in being part of the study, do pass this message on to them. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

A huge thanks to those of you who have already taken part! We look forward to welcoming new volunteers soon.