Hear from Our Volunteers

Are we asking the questions that matter most to our volunteers? Read what they had to say here.

Generation Scotland collects lots of information on our volunteers, from DNA to lifestyle questions and by linking to health records. We couldn't do any of our research without our volunteers. So we wanted to know, are we using this data to research what matters the most to them?

With 'Our Generation Scotland' we aimed to improve our understanding of what health challenges we should be investigating and why our volunteers are involved in Generation Scotland. Lewis James Haughton took photos of some our volunteers and we asked them: Which health conditions matter to them most, why they joined Generation Scotland, and what their main aim for Generation Scotland data would be.

Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Read what they had to say by taking a look at our gallery.


Want to be part of the conversation? Join the discussion on our social media to let us know what matters to you. We'll be holding online discussions throughout November.




You don't have to be a current volunteer to have your say either, we welcome all opinions in guiding our future research!